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Industrial glass

First of all, the glass deep processing process (procedure) is the goal, the smooth "logistics" principle, and the reasonable layout of the equipment use space, so that the product production cycle is short, the product is few, and the production efficiency is high. The core of factory design is facility design and logistics system analysis. The comprehensive optimization of equipment, technology, logistics, and information flow should be fully considered when designing the factory. The following principles must be considered when optimizing the glass processing plant:

1. Production capacity matching principle

The deep processing of flat glass generally includes cutting, edging, tempering, coating, interlayer, hollowing, colored glaze, packaging and other production processes. During the production process, the continuity, proportionality, and parallelism of production must be met. Therefore, a single process The production capacity is matched to achieve balanced production, improve equipment utilization, effectively reduce equipment investment costs, effectively reduce production energy consumption, and achieve very optimized manufacturing costs.

2. The principle of small operation

Factory design is largely designed to design "logistics". "Logistics" time accounts for 95% of the production cycle and pure processing time is only 5%. Reducing material flow and shortening the logistics cycle are essential to the management of the factory. It is necessary to estimate the work-in-process of each process, reasonably ensure the work-in-process, and reasonably ensure the safe turnover of the work-in-process. The shorter the operating distance, the better, reducing operating costs and improving production efficiency.

3. The principle of effective use of the site

According to the principle of low operating volume and reasonable work-in-process quantity, reasonable planning of the distance between equipment and work-in-process warehouse area is to improve the efficiency of the site and improve the operation efficiency. Equipment and facilities need to occupy a certain amount of space, and they must be used effectively without waste.

4. Principles of Intelligent Automation Development

At present, there are already many intelligent manpower reduction equipment in the glass industry. We must fully consider the automatic embedding according to our own capabilities, and can use machines to complete things with fewer people and no people.

5. The principle of safety and convenience

It is necessary to ensure a reasonable and safe equipment operation and maintenance space, not to blindly compress the equipment occupied by the equipment and the buffer warehouse of the products, and to ensure the maximum production efficiency and the safe turnover of the products.

6. The principle of flexibility

Enterprises are developing and technology is advancing. The basic design and layout of the equipment layout plan should be conducive to the development of the factory, taking into account development factors such as construction scale, technological progress, product upgrades, and process optimization.

7. Principles for facilitating the implementation of informatization

With the expansion of production scale and the increase of product complexity, it is necessary to implement an information system in the production process. Realizing the management upgrade of an enterprise through the implementation of an information management system is a necessary means for an enterprise to achieve its goals and profits.


Number:+86 133 8025 2075