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Practice Made in ChinaCreate a brand of glass deep processing equipment


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Large-scale development, global strength can be learned

1、8000㎡ modern factory base, more than 100 existing employees, sufficient production capacity;
2、High-tech enterprises have patents for glass deep processing equipment manufacturing30+
3、Datuo glass edging machine is exported to more than 90 countries and regions such as Britain, Germany, Russia, etc.
 自动化设备 引进精尖工艺

Standard automated production, strict quality cast excellent

1、The production site implements 6S management standards, and each process is strictly controlled in strict accordance with the design and process standards;
2、Possess high-precision production and testing equipment such as CNC machining and laser cutting machines;
3、With multiple production lines for machining, sheet metal, riveting and assembly, flexible production and punctual delivery;
4、Dozens of processes, quality inspection, testing and testing, stable performance, and CE certification;

Product intelligent high-speed Low-E processing optimization of building doors and windows

1、Accurate positioning, automatic measurement of glass size, intelligent control screen display;
2、Extremely fast and stable operation, opening and closing speed up to 25m/min, edging speed up to 20m/min
3、Widely used in the grinding and polishing of LowE and white glass of building doors and windows;

Support non-standard customization, strong after-sales guarantee

1、Equipment appearance size design, number and position of grinding head and grinding wheel, accessory brand support non-standard customization;
2、Market analysis, professional services, on-site installation, free training;
3、A strong after-sales team, after-sales customer service is online 24 hours, and solutions are given within half an hour.

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Construction Glass

At first, it was thought that the damage of glass material was purely brittle failure and did not produce plastic damage; it was believed that the scratching and rolling of abrasives on the glass surface caused brittle cone-shaped cracks on the glass surface layer


Industrial glass

First of all, the glass deep processing process (procedure) is the goal, the smooth "logistics" principle.


Photovoltaic glass

The encapsulation glass used in solar photovoltaic modules is generally located on the upper surface of the photovoltaic module and must have a certain mechanical strength.


Door and window glass

The application range of insulating glass is constantly expanding. In addition to being widely used in glass curtain walls, automobiles, airplanes, etc


Craft glass

In fact, a lot of glass is a kind of craft glass, whether it is in the home, office building, or church.


Furniture glass

With the advancement of technology, glass materials have not only made breakthroughs in thickness and transparency


Appliance glass

my country's home appliance industry is developing rapidly, and more and more attention is paid to the appearance design of home appliances


Rearview Mirror

If you are still stubbornly thinking that the rearview mirror of the car is the driver’s "second eye", just an ordinary mirror used to expand the driver’s field of vision


  One-stop full service  Starting from customer needs, always eager for customer needs


- In-depth communication with technical personnel to understand the factory site and customer needs in detail;

- Provide factory equipment layout, production process planning, equipment selection.

On sale

- Full-time service team follows up 1 to 1, seamless service connection throughout the process.

- The production process starts from the selection of components and strictly controls the quality of the equipment.

After sale

-Engineers come to install equipment and technical training, and one year free after-sales service.

-After-sales customer service is online 24h, and arrives at the site within 24h of the nearest area.

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Foshan Datuo Glass Machinery Co.,Ltd

Foshan Datuo Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a R&D and production enterprise specializing in manufacturing glass deep processing equipment. The main glass deep processing products developed include: glass straight line beveling machine, glass straight line edging machine, glass straight line multi-stage edging machineEdging machine, glass straight-line double edging machine, automobile rearview mirror production line.The company combines well-known engineering designers, electrical engineers, production managers and first-line production staff in the industry, and has strong technical force and rich production experience.

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