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Craft glass

The development of the glass industry is closely related to many industries in the national economy. The glass industry plays a positive role in promoting the development of the entire national economy. Therefore, various laws and regulations have been promulgated to regulate the healthy development of the glass industry. Under the new situation, the glass industry must change the growth mode and effectively adjust the industrial structure in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry.

With the continuous economic development of mainland China, the domestic high-end building materials industry is developing rapidly. As a decoration material, art glass is increasingly favored by designers and terminal application customers. Designers can apply more forms and combine to develop outstanding display products or decorative products.


Application of craft glass in daily life

In life, we often see many kinds of glass, which bring us different feelings, but few people think about the material and craft of glass. In fact, a lot of glass is a kind of craft glass, whether it is in the home, office building, or church. There will always be craft glass, and it seems that it exists to better prove that the world is so colorful.

At home, we can see very exquisite chandeliers, especially at night, when the lights are turned on, we can see dazzling colorful lights illuminate the entire room, if the craft glass style matches the environment, plus the quality of the workmanship itself After passing the level, the atmosphere of the whole room will become romantic and warm because of its existence, and the viewing will be greatly enhanced. The most important thing is that these craft glass can also disperse ultraviolet radiation, which is undoubtedly a very good help to the human body. Craft glass can also be used as a TV background wall, entrance, partition, screen, side view, etc., and play an important role in home decoration and beautification, and even the finishing touch.

The craft glass seen in the building is even more impressive. It is not only a symbol of art, but also a symbol of facade. In many company buildings, we can see that there is an atmospheric and meaningful chandelier in the center. In fact, this chandelier is made of craft glass. As the background wall, porch, and large-area partition of large-scale entertainment venues, the effect of craft glass is also very good, and the grade and style are fully displayed.


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