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Appliance glass

In recent years, my country's home appliance industry has developed rapidly, and more and more attention has been paid to the appearance design of home appliances, which to a certain extent puts forward new demands on home appliance materials. In addition to traditional plastic and metal materials, glass materials are gradually moving towards the home appliance industry.

Why is glass used as a home appliance material?
You may have questions. As a fragile material, glass is used as a panel in more and more home appliances.


First of all, because glass has the visual characteristics of "fresh, transparent, bright and shining".

The wide application of printing technology in the glass industry enables the glass surface to be printed with specific patterns and colors, which has strong practicability, and is often bright in color, crystal clear and noble, strong in three-dimensionality, and has an extraordinary visual effect; and after the glass is tempered, the glass The strength is greatly improved. As long as we use it correctly, tempered glass will generally not break.

The second point is because consumers are striving for the appearance of home appliances.

More and more customers not only pay attention to the functions of home appliances, but also the appearance of the products. From the past, only focusing on practicality to taking into account the decorative craftsmanship, home appliances are no longer just living appliances that only stay at the inherent functional level. , It has gradually become an inseparable part of home decoration.

The glass can present a better appearance, so it has become one of the most popular home appliance panel materials. Some people in the home appliance industry believe that the application of glass panels in home appliances has gradually become a mainstream trend. The next few years will also increase the development of the home appliance panel market. The application prospects of glass panels in household appliances panels are generally optimistic.

Market analysis of home appliance glass market

The home appliance glass market is strongly affected by the home appliance market. Affected by the macroeconomic downturn, the three major white power industries are under greater pressure, and the overall trend of decline in 2015. Among them, the output of refrigerators was 73.17 million units, down 3% year-on-year, and the output of air conditioners was 103.8 million units, down 11.6% year-on-year. The number of washing machines was 56.38 million units, down 0.1% year-on-year. Affected by the decline in home appliances, the sales of home appliance glass fell by 1.3% in 2015 (source: Industry Online).

How should home appliance Caijing glass companies break through?

Caijing glass panels can allow appliances with the same structure to release completely different personalities, whether in pattern, color, texture or texture.

However, there are not too many technical difficulties that are difficult to overcome in the home appliance Caijing glass manufacturing industry. How can Caijing glass manufacturers break through the siege and maintain their advantages in the fierce market competition?

1. Reduce costs

In recent years, the home appliance industry has faced fierce competition. Home appliance companies are trying their best to reduce their own costs to gain a larger market share, making them very sensitive to manufacturing costs, which also leads our home appliance color crystal glass manufacturers to reduce costs as much as possible and ensure quality.

2. Improve quality

In addition to price is a factor considered by consumers, users are more concerned with product quality. Quality is one of the core competitiveness of products. The fineness of the pattern of the Caijing glass panel is determined by the number of printing meshes, and the color purity and color expression of the Caijing glass panel are determined by the printing ink.

3. Printing innovation

The barrier to entry of Caijing glass is not high. Like other manufacturing industries, there are not too many technical difficulties that are difficult to overcome. As long as the equipment is purchased and staffed, it can be produced. Only by continuously introducing new patterns, new colors, new effects and new processing techniques can we break through the competition, and only by opening up new ideas and innovating can we develop steadily.

The innovation of Caijing glass mainly revolves around two aspects. On the one hand, it improves art design skills. How to match colors, how to depict patterns, what special treatments are performed on the glass surface, what kind of inks and printing processes are used to achieve unique decorative effects, and what methods are used to achieve the appearance design concept of the whole machine factory, the production of Caijing glass panels Enterprises must accurately grasp. On the other hand, adding more technological elements to the glass material itself. For example, the glass is specially treated to have special properties such as antibacterial, moisture resistance, and heat resistance.


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