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Furniture glass

Glass furniture is welcomed by many people because of its icy and cool texture. And because glass has the function of broadening the field of vision and enlarging the space, it is more suitable for use in small apartments.

   Compared with other furniture, what are the characteristics of glass furniture? This is the knowledge that consumers need to understand before purchasing and maintaining.

1. Production of glass furniture

  Glass furniture generally uses high-strength glass as the main material, with a small amount of auxiliary wood, metal, soft packaging materials (sponge, cloth, etc.), paint, etc.

2. Classification of glass used in glass furniture

  Glass is the main component of glass furniture. There are many types of glass. Glass furniture has different appearance and performance according to the different glass materials used. Consumers should pay attention to the glass materials used in glass furniture.

   Ordinary glass: Ordinary ordinary glass.

   Frosted glass: sand granular on one side, ordinary glass on the other, semi-transparent.

  Atomized glass: There is a layer of mist on the glass, which has the advantage of not eating fingerprints and easy to scrub.

   Emulsion glass: the glass edge is ordinary glass, the middle part is similar to the atomized glass, white fog color, advantages, and radiation isolation.

   Brushed glass: The color is green and white, the advantage is not to eat handprints, and the metal furniture looks very modern.

   Laminated glass: There will be laminated glass in the middle of the glass, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is opaque, has advantages, and is very strong. It cannot be broken by a hammer, and of course the cost is high.

  Metal glass: Metal particles are soft glass material, high strength, and generally unique in shape.

3. Features of glass furniture

  Glass furniture is very suitable to be placed in a small apartment space, the following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of glass furniture.

  Enlarge the space, cool and cool

  Because of the permeability of glass, it can reduce the pressure of space and enlarge the space. Therefore, it is most suitable to choose glass furniture in rooms with small living area. In addition, in spring and summer when the temperature is relatively high, if some glass furniture is cleverly arranged in the home living space, it can bring a different cool feeling.

   Good sense of art and practicality

With the advancement of technology, glass materials have not only made breakthroughs in thickness and transparency, making glass furniture both reliable and practical, and injecting artistic effects into the production, making glass furniture play the practical role of furniture At the same time, it has the effect of beautifying the room.


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