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How to solve the problem of edge chipping after the glass double-sided machine is polished?

Back to list Source: Datuo Glass Edging Machine Release date:2020-10-09

1Specific phenomenon

①Upper edge of the edge

②The bottom edge of the edge

③The grinding wheel breaks the glass

2Causes and solutions

① Cause: too much margin at the edge of the glass or too fast conveying speed.

Solution: It is recommended to reduce the glass margin by 1-2mm on one side, and adjust the conveying speed of the belt according to the thickness of the glass.

② Cause: The glass did not enter along the fixed side by the wheel, causing the single-side grinding wheel to break the glass.

Solution: readjust the fixed side and the movable side wheel.

③ Cause: The angle of the diamond wheel is not correct (that is, the rear foot is ground).

Solution: The front foot of the grinding wheel excessively cuts the bottom edge of the glass, and the rear foot cuts the top edge of the glass (take the film advance direction as the front, and the film outlet direction as the rear foot).

④ Cause: The grinding wheel used has quality problems and poor cutting force, and the sound of grinding glass is too loud. In addition, the grinding ratio of the grinding head distribution has not been adjusted.

Solution: Replace the grinding wheel and readjust the cutting ratio of the grinding wheel.

⑤Causes: The cooling water pipe is blocked, the grinding point is not right, or the cooling water is insufficient, resulting in insufficient water pressure to cool the grinding wheel.

Solution: Remove the sundries such as the water pump, the water distribution pipe, the grinding wheel water pipe and the glass powder sink.

⑥ Cause: The grinding head motor bearing is damaged or the bearing gap is too large, causing the grinding wheel to produce radial runout and axial jump.

Solution: timely replace damaged or excessive motor bearings.

⑦Causes: The rough grinding base of the equipment is loose for a long time, and vibration occurs during the glass cutting process

Solution: Reinforce the fastening screws on the side of the motor base to make the motor slide plate move forward and backward flexibly without vibration.

⑧ Reason: positioning error breaks the glass.

Solution: Debug the optical eye or travel switch.


① Before grinding the glass in each shift, raise the compression frame to a certain height, check whether the water pipe has a good grinding point, turn on the water pump and check whether the water pipe is unblocked and whether the water pressure is high enough.

②Before batch processing of glass of different thickness, use a piece of glass that must be the same thickness as the processed glass to confirm the cutting ratio of the grinding head. See if there is any collapse on the upper and lower edges.


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