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The use of abrasive products in glass processing

Back to list Source: Datuo Glass Edging Machine Release date:2020-10-09

Nowadays, glass has penetrated into people’s lives, and glass products can be seen everywhere, our drinking glasses, glass windows, glass doors, screen protection glass on computer monitors, mobile phone screens, and glass buildings, etc. It is the touch screen used in mobile phones and tablet computers that will occupy a large proportion in future production!

First, simply understand the glass processing process of electronics and displays

1. The selection of original films: First of all, glass processing must have original glass. Ordinary glass processing plants do not produce original films. Only large glass companies can produce original films.

2. Glass size cutting: The size of the original sheet itself is very large, generally more than three meters long and two meters wide. Cutting can be said to be the first step in glass processing. The staff will calculate how to cut the original piece according to the size on the customer's drawing.

3. Glass edging and chamfering: The freshly cut glass will be scratched, the glass edge will be very sharp, and the customer will also require edging, but the edging can be divided into a fog edge and a bright edge, and it is installed in a frame It is enough to grind the frosted edges, which can also reduce the cost. The polished edging is required by those customers who have high aesthetics of the glass. After edge grinding is chamfering, there are also special chamfering machines for chamfering, which can accurately pour the desired R angle.

4. Tempering: Tempering is divided into physical tempering and chemical tempering. We are talking about physical tempering here. Physical tempering is obtained by heating the glass to a certain degree in a tempering furnace and then cooling it. The hardness of the glass will increase after tempering. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass.

5. Silk screen printing: Some glass will go through this step because the customer wants to print certain patterns, company logos, etc. on the glass. The silk screen room should be relatively clean. This way the ink will not be mixed into the magazine. The silk-screened effect will be better.

6. Cleaning and testing packaging: the last glass must pass the inspection of the inspector before it can pass. The glass with problems will be selected, some will be discarded, and some can be under-processed. Good glass is pasted by a pasting machine and then wrapped in kraft paper.

The above is the general process of glass processing in a glass processing plant. A piece of finished glass has to go through many processes. The second and third processes are closely related to our cutting, grinding and polishing industry.

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