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What types of glass edging machines are divided into?

Back to list Source: Datuo Glass Edging Machine Release date:2020-10-09

1. Glass straight edge grinding machine

The straight edge machine is used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and corners of flat glass. The front plate adopts a special telescopic pressure plate, and the grinding head carriage adopts an integral dovetail slide plate. The processing speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. It has the advantages of good rigidity, low vibration, easy adjustment, high precision and so on. Generally there are straight edge machines with 4 grinding heads/8 grinding heads/9 grinding heads/10 grinding heads.

2. Glass multi-stage edging machine

Multi-stage edge edging machine is suitable for grinding straight edges and 45° corners of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses. It is processed by rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering and other processes at one time. It can be processed at 0°-45° Adjust the angle at will, adjust the feeding speed and feed rate arbitrarily during the grinding process, and adjust the front guide rail to change the thickness of the processed glass. Generally, there are 9 grinding head/10 grinding head multi-stage edging machine.

3. Glass beveling machine

The beveling machine is mainly used to process the straight bevel and round bottom edge of flat glass. Generally there are 9 grinding heads/10 grinding heads/11 grinding heads beveling machines, which are divided into large and small beveling machines. The processing size of large beveling is 100 X100mm, the beveling width is generally 35mm, and the angle is 3-25°; The bevel machining size is 30 X30mm, the bevel width is generally 15mm, and the angle is 3-25°. With the improvement of market processing requirements, in the past two years, glass machinery manufacturers have developed and produced a lifting beveling machine with a size of 30X30mm, a processing angle of 0-45°, and a bevel width of 35mm.

4. Glass round edging machine

This machine is suitable for grinding straight round edges and duckbill edges of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses. Use the grinding wheel to grind the periphery, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing can be completed at one time. Generally, there are 6 grinding heads/8 grinding head round edging machines.

5. Glass double straight edge edging machine

It is suitable for grinding flat glass with double straight edges, rough grinding and polishing at one time. It is suitable for processing furniture glass and architectural glass. Generally, there are 16 grinding heads/20 grinding heads/26 grinding heads/28 grinding heads double straight edge edging machine. The processing efficiency of double edging machine is high, but the price is relatively high, which is suitable for large tempered glass factories. Small double-sided edging machines (such as the early 2 grinding heads, 4 grinding heads and the current 6 grinding heads 8 grinding heads, etc.) are equipped with glass transfer tables, glass washing machines and other equipment to form a production line.

6. Glass double round edging machine

The PLC control system is used to set the processing parameters through the interface to complete the rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of the double round edges at one time. The variable frequency motor adjusts the processing speed, the double linear guide rail and the double screw guide rail structure make it easy to operate, simple structure, accurate and stable processing size, and fast processing speed. Generally, there are 16 grinding heads/20 grinding heads/26 grinding heads/28 grinding heads double round edge edging machine.

7. Automatic glass special-shaped edging machine

This equipment is used for glass of any shape from 1mm-12mm. The processing size is 100mm*80mm. It can process round and straight edges. One machine can realize multiple processes including edge grinding, chamfering and polishing, and glass products can be processed in one step


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