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How to maintain the glass edging machine?

Back to list Source: Datuo Glass Edging Machine Release date:2020-10-09

Glass machinery is a kind of mechanical equipment specializing in the production of various types of glass. Float production line, grid production line, tempering furnace, homogenizing furnace, laminating line, hollow line, coating line, screen printing equipment, glass edging machine, glass cleaning Machine, automatic Goode glass sanding machine, polishing machine, loading table, cutting machine, drilling machine, engraving machine.

      (1) When water leakage, electricity leakage or oil leakage is found, stop the machine for inspection and take measures.

      (2) Pay attention to the working conditions of various instruments and meters, and whether there are abnormal noises in various parts.

      (3) Maintenance

      ①Clean the equipment and remove debris that has nothing to do with production. 1 day/time

      ②Replace the circulating water to prevent the glass powder from clogging the pump and water pipe. 15 days/time

      ③Apply grease to chains, gears and screw rods. 1 month/time

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