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Selection of the number of glass edging and the number of grinding wheels!

Back to list Source: Datuo Glass Edging Machine Release date:2020-10-09

The first step glass edging has to go through many processes. There are 3 to 9 times.

1. First, use a metal bond diamond edging wheel to grind, use coarse, medium and fine in turn, 325 is already fine. This is the rough nature of trimming, and it is normal for edges to appear.
2. Then use a resin bond diamond edging wheel to grind to a grind surface without chipping. Under normal circumstances, it can be used to do this.
3. Sometimes I hope the edges are polished like a mirror. This requires polishing wheels, instead of using diamonds, instead use low-hardness polishing abrasives such as iron oxide and cerium oxide.

The second step, if you use 3000 mesh for water milling, it is almost transparent.

There is a special glass edging machine, which has all the necessary wheels installed (5 types of wheels are called 5-head machines, 9 types of 9-head machines, and so on). The glass advances from one side, passes through all the wheels one by one, and when it comes out from the other side of the machine, it has been polished like a mirror.

If you do not have a special machine and use a grinder to grind, you can directly grind the shape with a 60 mesh metal bond diamond edging wheel, and then use a 150-325 mesh resin bond diamond edging wheel to grind away large scratches. It's almost ready to use. If you want translucent smooth edges, put on the polishing wheel.


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